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More about me & FAQ's

  • Do you shoot film or digital?

Both - including Polaroids​. I also have a Holga (great light leak effects) and two medium format film cameras at my disposal.

  • Where are you located?

I live in NYC but am often in LA and ​love seeing new places so am always happy to travel

  • What types of services do you offer bands and musicians?

Original and artsy social media content, press kit photos, behind the scenes images, live performance shots, and album artwork​

  • Why should I/We hire you?

I love creating psychological portraits and images that capture the viewer's imagination. There's nothing more rewarding than seeing someone's gaze linger a little bit longer than it should on your photograph. In addition I have over ten years of experience working with musicians and always bring a positive and calming energy to each and every shoot​

  • What are your fees?

This depends on a number of factors (type of work, travel time, length of shoot, etc.) so please email me for rates​

My personal statement: 

I love creating interesting images of interesting people. My goal is to always create a unique photograph that leaves a lasting impression.

In my own pursuit of a photographer, I discovered the challenge of finding someone who could bring a documentary approach to their work with a touch of rock n roll sensibility. It was near impossible, which is why I've made a commitment to fill this void.

I still shoot with film (upon request) because of the inherent quality it brings to every picture. I strive to break the cookie cutter aesthetic that's often found in event photography and instead infuse a little edge that, with a twist of wit, permanently captures your important moments.

Having clients such as BMG, the Estate of Albert Camus and Emmy award winning hairstylist and make-up artist D'angelo Thompson, I bring years of expertise and experience to every shoot I'm hired for.

Contact Me

Photography by Keena


New York City l Los Angeles

Tel: 917.239.5929

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